Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fuel for the Heroes Car Show at Buckin Tattoo, Colorado Springs

Today was a pretty great day for looking at cars. Car shows have always been an outlet for me. Walking around, looking for details that stand out, learning about the cars and really trying to build on my own creativity. Although it's not an incredibly large show, it was still a relatively great turnout. Some local Car Clubs came out to represent. I think the smaller clubs are the ones where you can truly find automotive talent. It's not all about the glam, the precise paint job, or tons of money dumped into a car, it's more about making something original into something off the grid. Here are a lot photo's that point out unique, creative, and individuality among car modifiers. 

Turbo 300Z

Ford Catana

Up front: Toyota MR2 next to the VW club

The Buckin Tattoo Inc. Trophies: All welded out of unique car parts

Dodge Dart Turbo

The flat blue paint job on the GMC really makes this truck even more unique.

Look at this super clean engine bay! Not too much glam, just the right amount of chrome. 

Pontiac G8 - Based on the European Model,  Holden

Way wicked custom exhaust insert. And if it's left on, looks functional as it does have exits in the middle.

1978 Chevy Nova