Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's just something fun to do!

Ever since I started to enjoy looking at cars at a very young age I knew it was going to be something that I can always look forward to making me happy. I can remember some of my favorite memories with my dad were always around cars. Whether it was going to the drag strip with my brother and my dad, or if it was working on a car and learning how to change the oil.

I have some small memories of me and my dad rolling around in his 1969 El Camino that didn't have seats in it. I remember having to sit on a crate inside of the car. I don't know where we were going or why we were in the car in the first place, all I know was that I was having fun and I can see my dad was worried about the crate. LoL

My dad had a 1971 and a half Chevy Camaro. He was young and I could tell that this car was something he really wanted. It's the only picture I have seen with him and his car when he was a young lad. I loved the look of the car when I first saw it. I remember the conversation at my grandparents house about the car. He was driving it one day, and took a turn too quickly and crashed it into a tree. He said when he came to, his face had hit the steering wheel, his teeth tore through his bottom lip and the back of his teeth ejected out of his mouth and into the dash of the car. He ended up walking from the crash all the way back to his house, covered in blood and barely conscious. I'm sure a combination of emotions were taking place with him about his car, and with his mom and dad (Gpa & Gma). The only thing that was salvaged was the hood, it was spray painted and hanging up in the barn when I first saw it. Over the years, my grandfather didn't see a need to keep it anymore and threw it out. It's really unfortunate, because if I had known I wanted to rebuild one at that age, I would have asked him to keep it before he trashed it so I could put it on a car that I would build.

Someday I hope to rebuild a 1971 Camaro. I want it for my daughters to enjoy.

Now, what I do is I like to take photo's of cars that I see driving around, or parked. I see a lot of amazing cars on the road that someone else has put their heart and soul into rebuilding. Maybe it was a father/son project, maybe it had some sort of sentimental value with that person as a kid, or it's just something that they finally had the money to buy and kept it for generations. Either way, I share those stories if I can. I take photo's and by the off chance they see me taking pictures of their car, I talk to them about it. It's my intent to try and make #carspotting a hobby for car enthusiasts like me. I am still learning about them, and I don't what every car is out there, but I do know they look amazing! 

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