Sunday, October 18, 2015

Billy Boyett - 1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS


I decided to take a journey on the blog. One that includes members of the Chip Foose Fan Club, their cars and their stories. Often times we find our selves as car lovers, automotive enthusiasts, mild mechanics or artists and have that one project car that never seems to get finished. 

Sometimes, cars end up becoming project cars due to unforeseen circumstances. Expenses can rack up quickly, costs of repair seem unimaginable, and sometimes our own skill isn't enough to complete the whole job. 

In this case, Billy Boyett a 25 year old Rigger at Robalo Boats from Nashville, Georgia, for over 10 years dreamed of owning a 1989 Chevrolet Camaro. He purchased the car in April of 2015, with a 5.0 L (305 cid) LO3 Small-Block V8. This was the first year since 1987 that Camaro came back with the RS, becoming the base model for Camaro that year. The 305 came with  a heart pounding 170 hp and a newly featured dual carburetor.  As any young hard working American does, he saved up the money on his own and finally purchased his very own dream car. 

Unfortunately later on this year, the car caught fire in the engine bay. He doesn't know exactly what caused the fire, but he does know it originated from the battery compartment. 

Now the car sits the way it was after the fire left it to ruin. With every hard working American who has the dream of owning their dream car, priorities of living generally take precedence. If you are like me, Family comes first, then of course we always have the bills each month that we have to pay the best that we can. Definitely food is a consideration, and if you ever want to enjoy yourself, because you work so hard, then you have to spend some money with the people you love to do that. 

One day Billy wants this machine to hit the road again. The way he always imagine it to be; A muscle bound, horsepower beating, fuel guzzling, loud exhaust screaming machine of sheer awesome! 

Take a look at the current state of Billy Boyett's 1989 Cheverolet Camaro:

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