Monday, July 18, 2016

Building My Brand

It's been a busy few months. Since October of last year, my Wife has given birth to another baby girl, which now makes 3 girls for me, I left for Officer Training School in March and graduated in May, My family moved from Colorado Springs to Commerce City (my wife was 9 months pregnant and moved our entire house and unpacked it all by herself while I was at training), now I have left home again to attend another set of training from June to October. With that said, I have gone from being a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) to a Commissioned Officer in the United States Air Force. So what does that mean? Well, when I started the blog, I was a Staff Sergeant and then I was promoted to Technical Sergeant, so Sergeant Car Man was the appropriate thing to name my Blog. I decided to take a leap, trade in my stripes for bars and now I'm a Lieutenant, So now it throws off the name of the Blog a little. Which leads me to a conversation I have had a few times. Should I change the name altogether or stick with Sgt. Car Man because I have already established the Brand?

I have basically answered my own question so far. I want to keep the name the same. I started this as a way for me to build something that would show my love for the military, my passion for cars and my hobby of writing. It's already recognized by a lot of people and some pretty regular people who are on T.V. have also seen the name and have reacted to posts I have shared. If I changed it now, I would potentially confuse people who currently follow me and I could lose some followers. I served 11 years in the Air Force so far, and every minute of that time I was an Enlisted member and reached the rank of Technical Sergeant. I feel like my prior enlisted experience still legitimizes my name and ultimately created the foundation for the future of Sgt. Car Man. I think it just makes my story that much more interesting and hopefully I can create a legacy and a new era within the Automotive Enthusiasts industry.

CHEERS!! To the future of Sgt. Car Man and to the Followers who support me on this adventure!

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