Sunday, August 20, 2017

My Jeep Wrangler YJ Project

A couple of years ago, When my wife and I moved to CO, my father in law told me about how he left everything behind in Colorado. He had to make a decision, which also meant he left his family too. When he left in 2005, he parked his 1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ at a friend's house in Bennett Colorado. They moved it to a barn, hoping he would come back for it someday. After years of never having enough money to fix the repairs needed to get it driving again, it sat and never moved from where it was left last. The mice had there way with it. Mice had essentially turned it into their own fornicating domain.

The main reason it was left, he thought the clutch bit the dust. He could never get the $250.00 for the parts or the money to pay for the repairs. So I decided after several conversations, I would take on the task of at least getting the Jeep back in the possession of family. I said I would take on the repairs myself if he wanted me too, since I wanted something to work on anyway. I ultimately wanted to get it running again for him. Once I got it in my possession, the truth became very clear. It was going to take a lot more than a clutch to replace to make it road worthy again.

Somehow the fuel tank got punctured. 

The soft top has unique designs from train and snow drying out the top and cracking. 

Thankfully, a key was left in the ignition

Interior definitely needs a deep cleaning.

Sunburn windows

Remnants of my father in law's belongings. 

Tires have good tread but are terribly dry rotted.

Engine bay covered in years of filth.

Chrome looks great!

Tattered and torn from mice making a nest out of the material

Typical barn find filth inside.

Since I have taken on the project, I replaced some major components. I put on a new Clutch Master Cylinder since it was bone dry and even after fluids I couldnt get it to hold. You can find all of the work I do on my DRIVN page:

I have also replaced some dry rotted fuel lines and learned the fuel pump was shot. 

I will update this blog as I get more involved. At the moment I am out of commission because I had surgery on my left shoulder. But, ill be back in business soon enough! 

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